Battling negative feelings of anxiety and depression can be one of the hardest things to overcome. We are a group of Disc Golfers who are trying to reduce suicide and suicide attempts.

The mission of Disc For Life is to provide access to psychiatric emergency resources to those who may not otherwise come in contact with this information, spreading awareness within the disc golf community and hopefully saving lives in the process. We do this by placing disc golf discs with crisis intervention information at courses throughout the United States. Our goal is to continue to expand and develop multiple interconnected chapters of Disc For Life in communities throughout the nation in order to further destigmatize mental health issues and provide services and support groups to those in need.

Message from our Founder, Chad Duncan

“On August 7th, 2020, my father ended his suffering and began mine. My main mission is to try and reach anyone who is dealing with a crisis. To let them know that they are not alone in their struggles, no matter how difficult or hopeless it may seem. By speaking up and speaking out, we can get through this together.”

If you would like to help out financially, please send us a donation. Each donation will be used to help support the purchase and placement of discs at disc golf courses throughout the United States, the formation of Suicide awareness/prevention support groups, the development of apparel promoting suicide awareness and prevention, and hosting tournaments in which suicide prevention is discussed.

Disc for Life logo, a teal and purple infinity symbol with the right half being comprised of disc golf basket chains. Beside it is the text "disc for life" in large purple font with "your round is not over" in teal font below it